Prime Timers World Wide was founded in 1987 as a not-for-profit social organization with a mission to serve older Gay and Bi Men, as well as younger men who enjoy their company.  

Prime Timers has become the world's preeminent gay men's social organization, with chapters in North America, Europe,  the United Kingdom and Australia.

                               Prime Timers get more out of life!

                               If you're a man wanting to have new adventures and make new friends, you'll discover that Prime Timers has lots to offer.  Each month Tucson Prime Timers sponsors at least twenty events and activities.  As a Prime Timer you can be as active as you want, the choice is all yours!

                              More Information: 520-743-9514 (Secretary)



MONDAY LUNCHES: Always hosted by Richard Haskell at Denny’s, located on the Northeast corner of River and Oracle @ 12:00 p.m. 240.7015 to call for attendance.





Tuesday, Oct. 15, 11:30 a.m.

Trident Grill II

2910 N. Swan Rd.

Swan & Ft. Lowell

RSVP Dan by 10/13


Wednesday, Oct. 16  12:00 Noon

Sweet Tomatoes

4420 N. Stone

RSVP Stephen/Tom by 10/13


Tuesday, Oct. 22, 11:30 a.m.

Little Anthony's Diner

7910 E. Broadway

RSVP Dan by 10/20


Wednesday, Oct. 23rd.

RSVP for Friday LUNDIN

Friday, Oct. 25th, 2 p.m.

2 P.M. Lundin

Golden Corral

4380 E. 22nd Street

RSVP Thom by 10/23

Tuesday, Oct. 29, 11:30 a.m.

Culinary Dropout

2543 E. Grant Rd.

RSVP Dan by 10/27


Wednesday, Oct. 30, 12 Noon

First Watch

5055 N. Oracle Rd.

NW Corner Oracle and River

RSVP Stephen/Tom by 10/27


September birthdays

John S. * Oct. 8


Happy Birthday, John!  Hope you enjoy many more!


Brian S. * Oct. 23

Best Wishes for a Happy Renewal!

Thom G. * Oct. 27


Now how many Thoms with an H do we know?

Happy Birthday you old goat!

Richard K. * Oct. 31


Best Birthday Wishes to you, Mr. K.



And here is your "scope"


There's a dramatic split in energy for you this September, Libra. The first half of the month is much more low-key and internal while the second half will become extremely bright and social. Until September 14, however, you're all behind the scenes. The Sun, Venus, and Mercury will remain in your hidden 12th house, making it feel like you've been underwater holding your breath.

You might be dealing with a health issue or a disappointment with work or even in love. This will become apparent near September 4 when Venus is opposite Neptune and then again on the 14th when Mars opposes Neptune. If it has to do with health or work matters, the Full Moon on the same day suggests you are leaving something behind. Perhaps a job, a relationship with a colleague, or (this would be good) an illness.

After September 14, all eyes and ears are on you! Mercury and Venus move into your sign, making you look and sound more beautiful than ever. The New Moon on September 28 in Libra will help you make positive changes everywhere. A new love interest might even come your way. Sweet!

Libra's keywords for September: health, work drain, letting go, illness, wellness, beauty, love, harmony


How We Live

 Growing old is mandatory -  Growing up is optional 

It's been a good life with all of its challenges and rewards.  It might be enough to satisfy ourselves with what we have accomplished  to date but we all know "YOU'RE ONLY AS GOOD AS YOUR NEXT GIG!"

Onward and upward!  Join in the fun!


Meet Us

 Tucson Prime Timers hail from all across North America and from all walks of life.  Each member's unique life experiences and points of view go into creating an interesting and lively group. 

The majority of our members are retired, but several are still decades away from belonging to "the leisure class". 

Many have served America as members of the armed services in World War II, Korea, Viet Nam or the Gulf War. 

Tucson Prime Timers may be grandfathers, fathers, partnered or single.  

There are many who seem to be on the go all the time and some who prefer the quiet company of others at home.

Most of our members are full time residents of the Tucson area,  some are snowbirds. 

Fortunately, most of us are at a point in our lives where we realize that our "net worth" is not measured in money and "stuff", but rather in terms of our friendships. 

Whatever your reason for joining; to make new friends, to get out more often, to have new adventures...Tucson Prime Timers extends a warm welcome, hoping that we can become a meaningful part of your life.

26th anniversary party at cattletown

The 26th Annual Cake


Seems like our cakes always have a raspberry filling.  Hmmmm and yummmm.

Our Chairmen


Having some fun

waiting for the food to begin!

A Suspicious Looking Group


Would you have

these guys over

for dinner?

Who Invited These Guys?


Too much fun going on 

at this table!

Loud and Proud


By the sound of it

you'd think everyone was having

a good time.....

Is He Laughing or Yawning?


And that was only 

after one iced tea!





It was in 1955 and I was stationed at Lowry AFB in Denver, Colorado. Across the way was Fitzsimmons Army Base. As our base laundry was undesirable, we fly-guys went to the Army base to use theirs. One day as I was leaving to go back to Lowry, I looked up and saw a man wave at me so I waved back. Then it dawned on me who it was as the radio and TV were talking about him all the time, every day! Eisenhower had a heart attack and was at the Fitzsimmons Army Hospital. "It’s gotta be him.”

I got back to Lowry and found that Ike waved to anyone in uniform from his upstairs terrace where he was recuperating. My next trip to the Army base, I got brazen enough to go up to see him. A Marine Captain said for me to go right in as the President received all and any service men that wanted to see him. Ike was in a wheelchair and held out his hand to shake. We had a very pleasant talk and I told him the Set-School training for Bombing /Navigation was coming to an end, but I would come back to say “good-bye” to him.

A week later I had mustered out of Lowry and would be on my way to a SAC (Strategic Air Command)
Base in New Mexico. “I thought you said you were from New England”, said the President. “I am, but I can’t afford to go there now” I said. “Well, son, Mamie is going back to Washington, actually Andrews AFB, and you can go with her, if you like”.

And so I did. I met Mamie at the guest terminal building on Lowry the next afternoon. Mamie was driven there and she came right over to us and shook our hands then turned and walked the stairway to the plane. There were five of us Servicemen that boarded the Columbine next. We did not see Mamie again until we landed at Andrews.  She wished us “Godspeed'' and from that day on I LIKED IKE.



While so many men and women joined the armed forces in the late 60’s and 70’s, it should be known that a whole cadre of men chose alternative routes. I for one in 1970, having just graduated from college had to make a grave decision. I grew up in a very religious home where following the inner voice was given weight. I decided to become a conscientious objector. This was contrary to most of my church family, but my pastor endorsed me and off I went to be interviewed by my draft board,

They wanted to rid me as soon as possible and allowed me to have this status if I worked within their parameters. Specifically I was to work in a hospital or religious organization for two years and not to receive an annual income greater that $5000.

While at Pratt, as an honor student, I was given an intern-like assignment that put me in touch with the national Lutheran church.

It is here that I worked for two years.

I do not regret my decision and I have respect for the men who risked their lives, but it was a foolish war driven by foolish men.

I have stayed consistent over the years with my convictions and I believe they are a real part of me. I did not suffer during this time. I was lonely and unsure of myself but in some sense it was part of my growing up.

I salute those who served and I hope they know that stand beside them.




I only spent three years in the Army in the early to mid 50s and two of those years I was assigned to the Air Force in Okinawa and Southern Japan.  For the remainder of my time, I was assigned to four different Army bases in the States either for school or for duty. Odd what can occur sometimes though as noted below.

While in Okinawa, I had a feisty roommate who had a wife in the States but was seeing a young Okinawan woman off base.  One night he returned to our room with deep scratches down each side of his face.  They were bad enough to prompt me to take him to the infirmary to thwart any infection since they had been done by someone's finger nails.  He got into a fight with a Marine and had him pinned to the floor when the Marine reached up and clawed his face.  I have often wondered how the scaring went over with the wife at home and what his explanation might have been.  I never kept contact with him to know.

When in Southern Japan I could not understand why my after shave seemed to continually be evaporating until returning to the room one day to find my roommate unconscious.  I got him to the infirmary only to find out he had been drinking my after shave all of this time and it finally got to him.  It was a surprise to me since we had access to liquor at the clubs on base at very reasonable prices (cheaper than after shave but he wasn't having to pay for it).  Needless to say, I requested a new roommate. 

Thom G.


 My Military Service

1960 - 1969

In Particular, My First Couple of Years


My basic army training took place in Ft. Knox, Kentucky.  Eight grueling weeks, turning an innocent virgin , seventeen year old boy into a ground pounding fighting machine man.

My first permanent assignment after Army Basic (at Ft. Knox) and after my 8 weeks of Advanced Administrative Training (at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO.) was at Ft. Eustis, VA with Hq and Hq Company (where I was an equivalent to a MASH Corporal Radar - the company clerk.)  I enjoyed my assignment in Virginia but wanted to see the world by getting an overseas assignment.  My boss, the Company First Sergeant, suggested I look into applying for a Special Assignment and if I saw something of interest, he would get the paper work going and approved, not that he wanted to get rid of me but he knew I wanted something more than a desk job in Virginia.

I checked and there were positions for clerical all around the world at special military assistance groups and embassy type assignments; after all the mission can't be complete unless the paperwork is too.  I always wanted to go to the Caribbean area so I figured I would put in for that area.  About a month passed and my orders came down - assignment to Cambodia - close but a long ways from the Caribbean!  At that time I wouldn't have even known where the heck Cambodia was if it were not for Laos and Vietnam being in the news back in those days.

Our mission was in the capital city - Phnom-Penh.  There were 30 officers and 30 enlisted men assigned to the US MAAG (Military Assistance Advisory Group) Cambodia.

The shoulder patch (not pictured here due to site limitations)  were all hand made as we had a very limited force of "Advisors" assigned in Cambodia in the early 1960's when I was assigned there so they were never mass produced like other larger Unit or Army patches.

All of the single enlisted personnel  (or married but unaccompanied) were housed in a small hotel that was rented by the government.  Only senior enlisted and senior officers were permitted to bring wives and family with them.

Of course, back then I knew I was a gay kid but also knew that I could never be OUT or I would be Court Martialed and Dishonorably Discharged if I were to ever be caught in a homosexual act.  Subsequently, my life would have been ruined.

I had several close friends but never found a secret lover, either in Cambodia or any other assignment during my 9 year enlistment.  Trust me, there were many that I would have loved to have gotten really close with and many times when out on the town downing all the brews we could, things sometimes got "CLOSE".

My job was at MAAG Headquarters was interesting but it was a desk job, no special challenges,typing correspondence, daily "morning reports", filing, and being a gofer for the Colonel and Sergeant Major.  Boooorrrring, so my off-duty time was really appreciated.

I had a jeep assigned to me the entire time I was there.  Getting from the hotel to the headquarters office, running errands, all that kind of stuff, but the best thing was we could sign the jeep out for weekends and wander all over the countryside.  Cambodia borders Thailand to the north and west, Laos to the northeast and Vietnam to the east and southeast.  The "hot spot" when I was stationed in Cambodia was Laos.  It amazed me that we had the run of the countryside with no restrictions other than not to cross the border into another country!  One of our Rest and Recreation (R&R) areas back then was Saigon, which we could visit.  We all had passports.  Air America was an American passenger and cargo airline, covertly owned and operated by the Central Intelligence Agency from 1950 to 1976.  It supplied and supported covert operations in Southeast Asia, in particular in Laos.  I hit the ground in Saigon flying in on a Military Air Transport Service (MATS) aircraft on April 27th, 1961, then flew into Phnom Penh on a little single engine Cessna.  I remember that pilot well, Captain Hughes, a handsome young Magnum PI type - Tom Selleck.

Usually every weekend I would fill up the jeep and head out into the countryside.   We had a major highway that USAID (Aid for International Development) built from the capital, Phnom Phen, to the seaport town of Sihanoukville, ont the southern coast of the Gulf of Thailand.  Sihanoukville was named for the King of Cambodia back then, Norodom Sihanouk.  That was always a nice trip and a good weekend on the beach.

My other favorite weekend trips were up to Siem Reap, location of the ancient temple ruins of Angkor Wat.  

I loved the assignment and it is on my "bucket list" to revisit when I hit the Lotto!!




US Navy



US Marines


Our Lives, Our Stories


There is a definitive need for people of all ages and types to let the world know who they are and what they are about.  Nevertheless and for whatever reason, many shy away from doing do even though their individual story lines are quite fascinating and informative.

The How and Why


So many of us from a different, less tolerable society stayed hidden with ourselves and especially with others.

Find out why.

Our Friends


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Brodie’s Tavern Outdoor Bar

See Fun Pictures and Get All The Info You Need to Have an Amazing Night at Brodie's Tavern! 

See fun Pictures and Get All The Info You Need to Have an Amazing Night at Brodie's Tavern! 


Three Levels of Excitement at H2O Dance Club and Rooftop Patio! See Fun Photos of Each Floor and Learn What to Do When You're There! 


It's Definitely About Time for You to Stop by IBT's in Downtown Tucson for Your Next Night Out! 

 616 N 4th Ave
Tucson, AZ 85705
Cocktails, Dancing and Drag Shows 


Great Photos and Awesome Details About Tucson's One and Only Leather Bar! It's Time For You to Venture-N! 

 1239 N. 6th Ave., Tucson, AZ
(520) 882-8224 




Every year on Father's Day weekend, the Arizona LGBT community and Straight Allies gather in the adorable little town of Bisbee to celebrate their.. 


G3 Tucson G3 is Tucson's premier social event planning group for Tucson's gay community and their friends. They host a gay happy hour that takes place a minimum every month usually lasting from 5:30 to 8:30PM at a different pop-up locations around town. G3 often features great DJ’s and drink specials to keep the night going! 

Gay Events here means all people, one rainbow.

Tucson has some very fun, yearly, monthly, gay events that help the local charities. This page provides you with the different events that take place throughout the year.

*An event listed does not mean that the organization supporting the event is a gay organization.

SAAF has 5 gay events:Gay Events


Is a family and pet-friendly walk-a-thon fundraiser with the goal of increasing awareness and support for people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS. Each year SAAF provides services to nearly 1200 people living with HIV and AIDS and delivers targeted prevention outreach and education programs to over 17,000 people who are high-risk for infection.

Jello Wrestling:

Costumed combatants wrestle in a pit of Jell-O to raise money and a Diva Hostess will run a live auction offering unique and one-of-a-kind items for bidding. FUN!

Möda Provŏcateūr:

The first Möda Provŏcateūr, held in 2004, was created by Kevin Casey from Avalon for Hair, Skin and Nails after he participated in ‘Crème de la Do’ in 2003, a fashion and style show organized by an agency in Albuquerque helping to raise funds for local HIV/AIDS agencies around the country. Since 2004, Möda Provŏcateūr has raised more than $141,000 in support of SAAF’s programs and services.

Festival for Life:

Over the years, SAAF Festival for Life has grownup and adjusted. The most attractive element continues to be the gathering of fine design on show within the live and silent auction. It’s not only art, the auction also offers vacations, gift baskets, gift certificates, celebrity collectibles, trips, one-of-a-kind experiences and paper prayers. Our community has come to love this nice chance to seek out beautiful works of art and nice gifts.

Bowling for Tommy:

A fundraiser benefiting the programs, services, and LGBTQ initiatives of the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation (SAAF). Bowling for Tommy was first started in 2010 to honor the memory of Tommy Gin, a long time SAAF Board Member and Community Volunteer, who passed away in January 2010.

TIHAN has two gay events:


A fun benefit held for the Tucson Interfaith HIV/AIDS Network. It’s the second largest fundraising event of the year for TIHAN. Packed with music, dancing, drag, burlesque, and comedy, Turnabout for Tihan is a fabulous evening of glitz and glamour.

Treasures for TIHAN:

The signature fundraising benefit for the programs and services of TIHAN. Join us for a sparkling evening of cocktails, great music, fantastic food, and wonderful auction items. Enjoy great hors d’oeuvres, festive entertainment, a no-host cantina, and a live and silent auction!

There are also two gay events that occur every month:


The people at G3 Tucson seek out unique Tucson locations to host their monthly get-together. From exciting downtown nightclubs to newly-minted restaurants, G3 offers a new experience with each event! The organizing staff also spares no expense with the decor and ambiance to truly pull you into the event. With drink specials and food options and a popular DJ spinning the tunes, every G3 is a better party than the last!

Retro Game Night:

Retro Game Show Night is a hilarious event held every 2nd Saturday at Hotel Congress. Hosted by Tempest DuJour, Retro Game Show Night takes a fun new spin on old game shows from the 80’s and 90’s. Complete with high-quality lighting and stage setup, you become fully immersed in this event and will howl and laugh along with the rest of the audience. Feeling brave? Enter your name to become a contestant to win some amazing prizes!



Other Prime Timer Groups;

Prime Timers of the Desert


Prime Timers Phoenix


Prime Timers Las Vegas


Prime Timers Worldwide





Become a Tucson Prime Timer!

Membership in Tucson Prime Timers is open to Gay and Bi Men of good character who have attained the age of 21.

Race, religion, national origin or disability is never a consideration for membership.

Annual Membership dues are only $20.00 for each member (includes Newsletter via email in pdf format) and $5 more for paper newsletter sent to single address (optional).

Those interested are encouraged to attend  an event in order to find out more about us.  Inquiries are invited at any time.

For Membership information:

        TPT Secretary e-mail and Phone:


1-520-743-9514 (Tony)

For Website Info and Interaction:


Email: jim@jcams.com